Unleash Your Potential

A six-week online program to help you find your purpose and live your best life.
Every Monday (6pm - 7:30pm)
21 Feb 2022 - 28 Mar 2022
So what is in the 6-Week Mindset Mastery Program?
~ 5 x Live 1.5 Hour Weekly Group Coaching Calls
~ 1 x 45-minute Individual Embedding Session
~ Access to Call Recordings
~ Bonus Content Each Week
~ Worksheets
Week 1 Introduction to the Program and Mindset
~ This session takes a look at Fixed vs Growth mindsets
~ Gain awareness to open up new possibilities and ways of thinking
~ Strategies to move towards a Growth Mindset
Bonus: Take the test!
Week 2 Finding Identity and Purpose
~ This session takes a deeper look into uncovering your true self and identifying your purpose
~ Benefits of finding purpose
~ Strategies to be able to do it!
~ Overcoming obstacles
~ Bonus: Values and Vision Workbook
Week 3 Igniting Self-Confidence
~ This session is all about building awareness and creating a more confident you!
~ What is Self-Confidence
~ Confidence killing behaviours
~ A deeper look into our thoughts and beliefs
~ Strategies to become the most confident version of you!
~ Bonus: Gratitude Journal
Week 4 Regulating Thoughts and Emotions
~ This session covers how you can begin to master your mindset!
~ Understand the link between thoughts and emotions
~ Strategies to take back control of your thoughts and emotions
~ Bonus: STOPP Technique (one of my most powerful tools!)
Week 5 Freedom & Fulfilment
~ This session covers how we can tie all the pieces together to turn our dreams into reality and create the freedom so we can life a happy and successful life.
~ Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
~ Find True Freedom
~ Live Your Best Life
~ Bonus: Goal Setting and Action Plan Workbook
Week 6 Embedding Sessions
~ This session is all about YOU!
~ Review desired goals/outcomes
~ Help overcome any further challenges in your way
~ Uncover further options
~ Set you up for success!
~ Bonus: Free One-On-One Coaching Session with Danny Connally
Every Monday (6pm - 7:30pm)
21 Feb 2022 - 28 Mar 2022