Directory of Queer Organisations in South Asia

Health & Wellness


Drugwatch: LGBTQ+ Health Guide

Website: LGBTQ+ Guide | Health Risks, Prevention, Treatment and Help

Members of the LGBTQ+ community have unique and complex health needs that heterosexuals don’t face. Here’s a comprehensive health guide covering a wide variety of topics, including health tips for gay, lesbian and transgender people.


Singlecare: LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness

Website: LGBTQ+ Guide to Health and Wellness

This resource covers the barriers that the LGBTQ+ community faces when accessing health care, the importance of specialised healthcare, as well as tips on how to find safe and inclusive care for the community.





The Naz Foundation

Website: Naz India LGBTQIA

The Naz Foundation has been around since 1994, working on the axis on sexuality and sexual health. Playing a crucial role in the battle against IPC Section 377, the Delhi based organisation also run a helpline number, while their office in East of Kailash is open for counselling sessions.


Humsafar Trust (HST)

Website: Humsafar Trust

Founded in 1994 by reputed journalist Ashok Row Kavi, the hoary HST organises advocacy workshops for health care for law enforcement agencies, judiciary and legislators, politicians and political parties, media and student bodies. They also help nurture support groups like ‘Yaariyan’ for young queer folx, Umang for LBT persons and Sanjeevani for persons living with HIV.


All India Queer Association

Instagram Handle: @aiqafoundation

AIQA is a feminist, socialist and Ambedkerite non-profit organisation founded by Meghna Mehra after their experience with discrimination as an activist in Delhi university. It supports people from various social groups.. Currently, they also provide affordable therapy options by queer-affirming therapists.



Instagram: @yaariyan_lgbtq

Founded in 2010, Yaariyan is an initiative by Humsafar Trust – the oldest community based organisation working to safeguard the rights of the LGBTQ+ community based in Mumbai.


Born2Win Social Welfare Trust

Instagram: @born2wintrust

Led by Shweta Sudhakar, a trans woman, Born2Win works towards empowering the transgender community in Tamil Nadu. They work to educate and provide employment to the community in an environmentally-conscious manner.


Queer Nilayam Hyderabad

Instagram: @queernilayam

Queer Nilayam is a support group for LGBTQ+ individuals in Hyderabad. Co-founded by five passionate individuals in 2021, Queer Nilayam seeks to find solutions for various issues faced by the community and encourage socialisation between queer people and discussions mental health, sexual health and gender.



Instagram: @ya.all.northeast

Ya_All is a United-Nations-recognised youth organisation based in Imphal and working in other parts of North-East India. They aim to equip and empower the LGBTQ+ community and its allies through research on health and education.


TWEET Foundation

Instagram: @tweet_foundation

Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET) Foundation is a trans-led organisation working towards the social and cultural upliftment of trans persons through education, healthcare and legal support.


Sonzal Welfare Trust

Instagram: @sonzalwelfare

Sonzal Welfare Trust is a non-governmental organisation based in Kashmir, founded by LGBTQ+ activist, author and academician Aijaz Ahmad Bund. Started in 2017, the organisation advocates for the rights of the transgender community who are further repressed in the conflict zone.


Sappho for Equality

Instagram: @sappho.for.equality

Sappho for Equality is a forum based in Kolkata that challenges the patriarchal and heteronormative systems of society. They provide counselling services, helpline numbers, library facilities as well as internships and research provisions to the LBT community.



Instagram: @queerabad

Born out of the lack of queer spaces in Gujarat, Queerabad is an Ahmedabad-based community space for queer folks founded by Anahita Sarabhai and Shamini Kothari. It is a space where queer people could anonomusly ask questions about coming out, societal acceptance, sexual well-being, homophobia and the like.


Keshav Suri Foundation.

Instagram: @keshavsurifoundation

Founded after the strike-down of Section 377 in 2018, Keshavsuri Foundation hopes to create an equal and discrimination-free society for the queer community. They work to create avenuues for the queer community by empowering them through job opportunities, holding sensitisation sessions with companies and enabling discussions on emotional well-being.


Indian Aces

Instagram: @indianaces_

In 2014, ‘Indian Aces’ was launched as a facebook page by Dr Pragati Singh to provide a platform to the asexual Indian community. Over the years, the reach of the group has grown beyond Facebook posts. They hold workshops, group discussions and crash courses on topics related to gender and sexuality.


Nazariya: A Queer Feminist Resource Group

Instagram: @nazariya.qfrg

‘Naazariya: QFRG’ is a non-profit organisation based in Delhi that supports queer women and trans persons. They sensitise organaisations about gender and sexuality-based discrimination and provide them with resources that enable them to create safe spaces for the LBT community.


Nazariya LGBT

Instagram: @nazariyalgbt

Nazariya LGBT is a Youth Group founded in 2017 by students from Delhi University that brings together the LGBTQ+ community and straight allies to create safe spaces on college campuses. The group holds workshops, sensitisation campaigns across their social media platforms and participate in on- ground events and protests.


Sahodari Foundation

Facebook: @sahodarifoundation

Founded in 2007, ‘Sahodari Foundation’ is one of the oldest Tamil-Nadu-based organisations working with the transgender and non-binary communities. They provide scholarships, counselling sessions and skill development programs that economically empower the community.



Instagram: @abhimaan.kolhapur

Kolhapur based Abhimaan initiated social media campaigns, raised awareness about HIV and safe-sex practices, facilitated discussions on body image and even started a virtual job fair for the community.  A lot of their content is in Marathi and Hindi, making the space more accessible to people from the community.


Sweekar – The Rainbow Parents

Instagram: @sweekartherainbowparents

Coming out to the family can be challenging for many individuals – not many feel accepted instantly.  Sweekar makes the journey smoother for parents providing a space to talk about their questions, fears and anxieties without fear of judgement.



Instagram: Queergarh

Based out of Raipur, Chhattisgarh, the collective aims to educate and spread awareness regarding the LGBTQ+ community across multiple intersections by hosting workshops around sex, gender and queer awareness in schools, colleges, offices and government branches.



Instagram: goodasyou.blr

Based in Bengaluru, Goodasyou, founded in 1994, is one of the oldest and longest-surviving LGBTQ+ support groups in the country. Other than advocating and spreading awareness regarding the community, the organisation also provides legal and moral assistance, including counselling sessions, to its members.





O Collective


O, also known as O Collective, is dedicated to the protection of the rights of sexual minorities, specifically LGBTQ and intersex people. They are committed to the education and support of queer communities, sexual minorities, and their families and friends. O provides a safe space for the community to meet and discuss issues such as sexual health and legal rights.


Naz Health Alliance

Website: NazHealth

The Naz Health Alliance is a public health NGO that works with the government and other stakeholders to provide technical assistance to public health programs, conduct research, provide capacity building, advocate for policy changes and social inclusion, and create awareness regarding the sexual health and human rights of MSM (men who have sex with men) and transgender communities.


Youth Association for Development (YAD)


Youth Association for Development (YAD) Pakistan is working for the LGBTIQ right, protecting their rights through legislative development and enforcement of legislation, as well empowerment of LGBTIQ people with equal inclusions in all socio-economic systems in Baluchistan Pakistan.


Forum for Dignity Initiatives

Facebook: Forum for Dignity Initiatives

Forum for Dignity Initiatives is a research and advocacy forum based in Islamabad working for the rights of sexual and gender minorities in Pakistan and a fairer society for transgender people, sex workers, girls and young women.


Track – T

Instagram: Track-T

Track-T is a trans rights organisation based in Lahore. It organized Pakistan’s first-ever trans Pride parade that nearly 500 people attended.





Mitini Nepal


Mitini is a woman led organisation focusing on LBT women rights in Nepal. They conduct outreach, tolerance education, and a social and advocacy group for Nepalese LBT communities.


Blue Diamond Society


Blue Diamond Society is the pioneer organization working for the LGBTIQ+ community in Nepal. We advocate for all sexual and gender minorities to ensure equal rights, economic empowerment, livelihood support, equal access to public and private services, representation and protection.


Sahaayam Nepal

Facebook: Sahaayam

Founded in 2015, Sahaayam Nepal works in the sector of comprehensive sexuality education ensuring the rights and issues of queer people included in the mainstream




Boys of Bangladesh

Website: Boys of Bangladesh

Boys of Bangladesh, popularly abbreviated BoB, formerly known as Boys Only Bangladesh, is the oldest running and the largest network of self-identified Bangladeshi gay men living in the country and abroad. BoB works on community mobilisation, networking and advocacy for decriminalisation of LGBTQIA in Bangladesh.


Sri Lanka


Equal Ground


EQUAL GROUND is a the oldest LGBTQIA organisation seeking economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning/Queer (LGBTIQ) community of Sri Lanka. They also organise Colombo PRIDE, and offer counselling, safe spaces and conduct campaigns to create awareness.



Afghan LGBT


After the Taliban takeover, this is the only organisation we can find, but based in Czech Republic. Reach out to them for further information.





Queer Voices of Bhutan


Queer voices of Bhutan works towards empowering individuals and the status of the Queer and LGBTQIA+ community through community-led and community-driven initiatives, inclusive practices, and promoting the protection of inclusion and diversity.h