The Onion of Gay Identity and Dr. Seuss

Imagine a tense spring in a pinball machine, all coiled up and compacted, rearing to go; that's what your body feels like, a pinball trigger, when you're in the closet. That is what my body felt like when I was in the closet.   Every night when I would go to bed, I would consciously make an effort to relax. I would feel my face loosen up, and my body let go before I could fall asleep. Yeah, the closet isn't a pleasant place.   On the other hand, coming out isn’t the be all and end all Hollywood tells you it is. Suddenly,...

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Gay couple tenderly embracing while looking ahead

Without marriage equality, we aren’t truly independent

Exactly 70 years ago, the sprawling Indian subcontinent collectively known as the British Raj was granted full independence from the United Kingdom. Despite the initial turmoil and bloodshed that accompanied this partition, Independence Day has largely become a symbol of pride and patriotism among Pakistanis and Indians alike… a time for South Asians to celebrate their freedom. Except that for most LGBT people in India and the rest of South Asia, this freedom is merely lip service. Gays and lesbians continue to face legal and social difficulties not experienced by heterosexual people. Forget about the freedom to marry who you...

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